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Instagram Made a New Logo and I (finally) Signed Up!

I’ve never had an Instagram account before. I thought the idea of mediocre, square photos with a nostalgic filter applied was gimmicky, a cheap trend, another bandwagon. I resisted yet another social media platform simply because I didn’t want another login to another time waster.

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Why I'm Using Jekyll to Run my Blog

My former blog was built with Wordpress. While Wordpress offers a reasonable solution for some people and some projects, it simply doesn’t match my needs. I don’t like working with a WYSIWYG editor. I don’t want comments on my posts. And I don’t need anyone but myself to have any...

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Hello World 2.0

This is the first entry of my new blog. I maintained a blog from 2009–2012 in which I wrote very infrequently. The posts were usually brief and the subjects were somewhat random. I thought I could make money with a blog (I made very little) and that was my primary...

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