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Hello World 2.0

This is the first entry of my new blog. I maintained a blog from 2009–2012 in which I wrote very infrequently. The posts were usually brief and the subjects were somewhat random. I thought I could make money with a blog (I made very little) and that was my primary motivation for writing. The content wasn’t the first priority.

Today I’m giving it another go, but with new intentions. I want to document projects and problems with more detail and background where appropriate to be of greater use to others. This is part of my wider ambition to become more involved in the programming and web development community — to learn, make friends and acquaintances, share ideas and reap all the warm and fuzzy health benefits from sharing with a community. I’m genuinely excited to write about my projects and challenges again.


I have recently returned to full-time freelance web development after working full-time for other companies for over six years. Relying solely on income from freelance can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Because of that, I’m looking to experiment with other revenue to stabilize my income. Since I’m going to be writing anyway, adding small, non-overly distracting ads seemed like a worthwhile endeavor.

I have no intention to let advertising influence my writing, but I can’t guarantee there will be zero influence even at a sub-conscious level. I’m merely human.

The ads will be relatively modest and safe for work. I promise they won’t contain video or audio, nor obfuscate the content in any way — I despise such ads as well. If you use an ad blocker, I won’t be offended. I use Ghostery myself. I know that makes me a hypocrite, but I’m okay with that.