Billy Flaherty

Software Engineer

About me

I delight in making digital tools, solving complex problems and inventing things for people to use, simply. I build cloud-based web applications, APIs and other useful utilities.

Bits & Pieces Little Projects and Small Snippets I've Made To Share

Time Well Spent

As a co-founder and software engineer at Expression Computing, I worked to establish a scalable development process for this CRM software startup, enabling a small team to remotely work together. Additoinally, I helped to on-board and try out new candidates for the engineering team.

I worked on Newforma Project Cloud, improving existing code, building new features and converting it to an ajax-driven (SaaS) web application with an MVC backend with Zend Framework 2.

I worked for Tap Tapas, a web and mobile development shop where I built web applications as well as backends with APIs for mobile apps.

EmergenSee is a complex mobile and web application I helped create. I built most of the server-side code, API and front end to receive, convert and stream audio, video and GPS data from a mobile device to be displayed on a responsive, auto-updating website. It also included built-in two-way instant messaging between the web browser and the mobile app.

cgCraft was a small web design and development shop I worked with before it rebranded itself as Tap Tapas. I created a custom CMS that powered several websites.

In the beginning, I spent several years freelancing, honing my skills as a web developer. During this time I built and launched the first version of